George Michael Newman,

Owner and Executive Director of Tactical Investigative Services ('TIS', founded in 1983), is an established private investigator
with 30+ years experience in the investigative, protection and neo-law-enforcement  fields (licensed since 1979), and has
qualified as a
California State Special Investigator.  His agency has conducted in excess of 35,000 civil and criminal case

TIS has contributed to significant civil plaintiff and defense verdicts in a multitude of noteworthy cases, and routinely conducts
legal, tort, corporate, commercial and insurance investigations. The spectrum of civil cases handled by this firm has ranged from
matters for individual, oftentimes ‘high profile’ clients to major litigation support for law firms and corporations. Tactical has the
capabilities to provide virtually any level of service required.  

TIS’ criminal investigations performed for both prosecution and defense purposes have spanned the spectrum of this specialized
area, from misdemeanor through state & federal death penalty capital cases. Tactical has provided guilt, penalty, and post-
conviction phase investigations in more than 45 capital cases and numerous other special circumstance cases, and has
conducted more than 3,500 death/homicide investigations. Investigations and interviews have been conducted in every prison in
California, numerous other states and in multiple Federal Bureau of Prisons institutions. Mr. Newman has investigated adult
and juvenile state and federal crimes; conducted investigations spanning multiple counties, states and countries; testified
numerous times in trials, to include capital murder cases, and depositions, motion hearings and competency hearings (military).
He is a Board Certified criminal investigator.

In addition to having brought numerous criminal perpetrators to justice, Mr. Newman’s investigations have contributed in
multiple instances to the release of
factually innocent individuals from lengthy prison sentences.

Mr. Newman has extensive experience investigating allegations relative to gangs and security threat/disruptive groups, and has
interviewed several hundred individuals alleged to be associated with such entities, with an emphasis on prison gangs.
Additionally, he routinely authors articles and lectures regarding comprehending gang matters, and has been retained as a gang
case consultant.

Mr. Newman, additionally, has been appointed to defend U.S. Military personnel in Courts Martial and other venues.

Mr. Newman, who has significant training in the investigative and protection fields, has qualified as, and testified as, an expert
witness in the fields of martial arts/self defense, private security, capital/special circumstance case investigation
standards/protocols and witness locating, has been retained as a consultant regarding investigative practices and procedures in
litigation, and has consulted with San Diego County Grand Juries regarding investigative procedures.

Additionally, Mr. Newman has interviewed numerous civil and criminal post-verdict juries and investigated jury misconduct;
lectured and published articles pertaining to forensics and investigative procedures, and protection practices; served as
coordinator for numerous training seminars for local, state and national professional associations; and, been certified by the
State of California to teach legal and criminal investigations, security and martial arts in the Postsecondary systems. He has
been elected to hold office in numerous professional associations, to include (CALI), (NALI), (CIPI) and (SDCIA), and has
served on committees in professional organizations.

Mr. Newman has received the Certified Investigative Professional (CIP) designation of the California Institute for Professional
Investigators, as well the (CFE) designation (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), and is certified by the Council of
International Investigators (CII).  He was nominated for the CALI 1993 & 2000 Investigator of the Year Award; and presented
with the CIPI Award for Outstanding Achievement, 1993 as a result of his investigative accomplishments.  He was presented
the NALI Editor-Publisher Award 1998 (2nd Place), 1999 & (1st Place) & 2000 (1st Place, plus two Honorable Mentions), for
authoring articles on investigative/forensic issues.  Additionally, he is the recipient of the prestigious 2008
Investigator/Philosopher Award, presented by the national Criminal Defense Investigators Training Council (CDITC) . In 2009
Mr. Newman was awarded Special Recognition for
Investigative Expertise, Ingenuity and Leadership by The Board of
Directors for Federal Defenders & Appellate Defenders. He is a current member of numerous professional associations.  He
has also been certified as an NRA approved Firearms Instructor.

Mr. Newman has provided protection services for government dignitaries, celebrities and business personnel, and has
coordinated details with the United States Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the United States Department
of State.

Mr. Newman, additionally, is routinely published in local and national periodicals, is a former editor/publisher of professional
newsletters, and has been featured on KPBS’s Murder, Rape & DNA, 48 Hours and other media presentations and profiled in
the Naval Dispatch, San Diego Magazine and P I Magazine.

Tactical staff members are members of numerous professional organizations, to include:

Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators (AALPI)
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (National & Local Chapters) (ACFE)
California Association of Licensed Investigators (Unlicensed Practices Chair, San Diego Chapter, 1990) (CALI)                    
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ)
California Institute for Professional Investigators (Vice President, 1995; President, 1995 - 1997) (CIPI)
California Public Defender's Association (CPDA)
Counsel of International Investigators (CII)
Criminal Defense Bar Association (CDBA)
Criminal Defense Investigators Training Council (CDITC)
Defense Investigator’s Association of California (DIA)
Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association (Captain) (HDSA)
International Intelligence Network (Intellenet)
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
National Association of Legal Investigators (Continuing Education Credits Review Committee, 1997; Constitutional Revision
Committee, 1998; Asst. Regional Director, 1998 & 1999; Disciplinary Committee, 2000) (NALI)
National Defender Investigator Association (NDIA)
San Diego Psych-Law Society
San Diego County Criminal Defense Bar Association (CDBA)
101st Airborne Division Vietnam Veterans Association
World Association of Detectives (WAD)